rediscovering gratitude

HEAVEN is the place where we explore our interconnected cultural visual displays of gratefulness and appreciation for this precious life.
On EARTH, we display the recognition of our place in the world, and how it relates directly to our expressions of appreciation. What kind of impact do we make on our family, communities, culture, futures, the environment? How do we align ourselves with the critical situation our planet is in?
As HUMAN, how do we manifest the results of daily contemplation and our expressions of respect into contemporary material form? How does the result of being connected to  ancient cultures affect the way we express ourselves?

Please take a minute to view this project proposal from 2013 for an exhibition of contemporary arts meets ancient tradition in Amsterdam:
Rediscovering Gratitude in Heaven Earth & Human…enjoy!


NOTE: This project is undergoing evolutionary development, and therefore subject to change, like everything in the natural state.